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Good Eats Weekly Newsletter 08/12/20

  Good Eats Weekly Newsletter This week in your share: Fancy / Localvore Spinach Green Kale Red Cippolini Onions Parsnips Beans Summer Squash Slicing Cucumbers Romaine Carmen Peppers Beans OUT OF THE BAG: Tomatoes** Everyday Standard Mesclun Red Norland Potatoes Red Onion Orange Carrots Napa Cabbage OUT OF THE BAG: Corn - 4 ears Tomatoes* Lean & Green Mesclun Romaine Bunched Spinach Beans Sweet Peppers Beans OUT OF THE BAG: Corn - 4 ears Cantaloupe Take a purple bag! Take a yellow bag! Take a green bag! *Your tomatoes will be packed separately in brown paper bags. ** Fancy Share tomatoes will be packed in brown paper bags with a purple squiggly on it! See image below: Fancy Share Tomato Bag Pantry/ Localvore Shares and Pantry Add-Ons This week's pantry/localvore pantry items are: Eggs McFarline's Honey Blueberries from Brown's Beautiful Blueberries Cheese Shares:  Cheese is OUT  OF THE BAG  in a cooler. This week's cheese share  i s La Petite Tomme,  an   ACS award

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