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Good Eats Weekly Newsletter - 07.22.20

Employee Spotlight: Catalina and Araceli Today we would like to introduce you to the wonder sisters, Catalina Reyes Tenorio and Araceli Reyes Tenorio. Cata is 23 and Araceli is 20. They represent the second generation from the Reyes family who have come to work with us here on our farm. Their dad was one of our first Mexican employees over 10 years ago. 
These gals are from Atlixtac, Guerrero, Mexico. I was lucky to visit a few years back. It's beautiful mountain country (see photo below of their village). The climate is much like southern California; you can grow anything there. They live in a compound with several houses. Their grandparents have the central house and their aunts and uncles all have houses within a few dozen meters. There is a central building for unmarried adults and visitors. When we visited between all the families there were about 9 kids old enough to walk. They traveled around in a pack all day long with various dogs following alon

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