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Farm Update--February 27th, 2011

Pete's Musings

It's been an exciting couple of weeks with plans for our new building coming together. Isaac and I will begin assembling wall sections this week. The sections will be 20' x 24' and we'll build them on the ground in the greenhouse. As each is completed, we'll roll it out and start another. Building these will give us a head start on construction while we wait to break ground March 15. We hope to have walls and roof up by early May. We are building a very environmentally friendly (very high R-value cellulose insulation) and fire safe building, and also one that will be great to work in. Much attention has been given to natural light, ability to mechanically move heavy produce, and efficient layout.

And we have a greenhouse full of starts! Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are growing fast, onions are popping up, we're seeding more on almost a daily basis. It is great to see the green plants and to remember why we do this work. The past 6 weeks have been a real office grind for several of us and we are excited to get out and get working.

Best ~ Pete

We are looking for some good used items....

There was quite a variety of items that we lost in the fire, and we are slowly tackling the job of rounding up tools that we know we will need. Below is a list of items we want to purchase used, in good condition. If you happen to have any of these items hanging around, or know someone who does, please email Melissa@petesgreens.com with details.

2 push lawnmowers
2 weedwackers (larger size)
steel loading ramps for pickup
jacks - either hydraulic or screw type
kerosene or propane salamander heaters (we need 2-4)
pallet jacks (we need 4)
stainless steel bulk tank for greens washing, square or rectangular shape, roughly 4 ft by 6 ft, often times these are dairy bulk tanks, we need 3 of them.
ladders, extension or step, need several of various sizes

Pete's Greens will "pay forward" donations; planning for new fund begins

Recently, Pete decided to consider all the donations that Pete's Greens has received as a loan. We anticipate that within two to three years, the farm will be able to pay forward the money that has been generously donated and we plan to create a fund that will support Vermont agricultural businesses.

“We have been so overwhelmed by how generous everyone has been and we want this money to live on again another day. The idea is that in a few years, we’ll start to put the money into a fund that will be managed by a committee or board made up of local folks. That money will go back out into the community to be used in a variety of ways: farm disaster relief, farm to school programs or loans to new or small farms. We are committed to paying it forward. It’s being given to us with such love and thoughtfulness that we really want the funding to do more good work down the line.” (Pete, in a recent interview)

We are meeting with Monty Fischer and Elena Gustavson at the Center for an Agricultural Economy to start discussing the framework for the fund. We plan to iron out more details in coming weeks/months and will start to put some of the planning into action. More soon...

Starting Seeds in the Greenhouse

Deb, Melissa and Pete have been doing lots of seeding the last couple weeks. The seeding process is pretty cool. We use the vacuum seeder pictured below. The first step is choosing the right seed plate (silver) for the type of seed. The seed plate is placed on top of the seed tray filled with soil. A handful of seeds is tossed onto the seed plate. The vacuum is turned on and this pulls the seed into the hole and soil. Because of the accurate sizing of the hole only 1 seed per hole goes into the soil (ideally anyway). The vacuum is turned off and extra seeds are dumped out, ready to be used for the next tray.

Good Eats Summer Share - Jun 22 - Oct 12

Just 31 days to sign up for the Summer Share and receive 2010 pricing!

Visit our website for more details or to download a sign-up form.


The Localvore Share - a great mix of organic vegetables and high quality locally produced staples like cheeses, eggs, flours, grains, cooking oils and more. Sign up by April 1: $748 for the 17 week period ($44/week). After April 2: $765 for the 17 week period ($45/week).

The Veggie Only Share - same vegetables that Localvore members receive, but no local staples. Sign up by April 1: $476 ($28/week). After April 2: $493 ($29/week).

Pete's Pantry Share - brings you NO vegetables, just the same local staples included in the Localvore share. This share costs $272 for 17 weeks ($16/wk). Prices remain the same for 2011.

The Meat Share brings you a MONTHLY selection of local meats. The Meat Share features our own chicken and our own pork with beef and lamb from other producers we know and love (and who are excellent stewards of their animals and their land). $199 for four deliveries, one delivery at the start of each month of the four month share period. Prices remain the same for 2011.

Visit our website for more details or to download a sign-up form.

Good Eats Spring Share

I know you all REALLY want to know if and when a Spring share will begin. We will have a Spring share, but still cannot commit to a start date. We have lost our vegetable washing equipment and coolers, and replacing these remain the two main hurdles. Until we can occupy our new building, we can use our processing kitchen for vegetable washing temporarily, but cooling is still TBD. We hope to begin around the middle of April, but stay tuned. We'll have details later in March.

Note to Fall/Winter Members

Re: Share Credits, Refunds or Donations

I have heard from most of you at this point letting me know how you want me to handle your remaining Fall/Winter share credit. But if you haven't emailed about this, you can still email me to let me know if you want a credit, a refund, or to make a donation to the rebuild or a combination of all three. If I don't hear from you, I will leave your credit on your account.

I believe I have sent out any refund checks that have been requested. If you have asked for a refund and haven't received it, or if you need one and have not yet asked for it, please email so that I can get that done for you.

If you are signing up for the Summer Share and need to know what your credit is, email me, I'll be happy to check it for you.

Fundraisers Coming Up

The fundraising efforts have been outstanding and such a tremendous help as we continue to plan the rebuilding of the barn. Thank you to everyone that has organized an event and participated! Here is a list of upcoming events.

For Pete's Sake Art Exhibit & Sale on Friday, March 4th. Driven Studio, is staging a one-day-only art exhibit and sale entitled "For Pete's Sake" at the JDK Gallery, at 47 Maple Street in Burlington, 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. 100% of the sales will go to barn rebuilding efforts.

Featured artists include Dave Kinsey, BigFoot, Dave Aron, Andre Razo, Ben Tour, Chris Pastras, Tyler Lepore, Ryan Wallace, Reid Stewart, Allison Ross, Ellisa Weishaar, Shem Roose, Gary Land, Skye Chalmers, Lee Neary, Elise Smith, Mikey Welsh, Clark Derbes, Nick LaVecchia, Amanda Lawrence, Randy Gaetano and Marin Horikawa. All artists donated their work and JDK has donated use of their main lobby for the exhibition.

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors on Saturday, March 5th. The Highland Lodge in Greensboro, VT will host an evening benefit for Pete’s Greens—with a twist; all profits raised will help interested Greensboro and Craftsbury families to purchase Pete’s Greens Good Eats Vegetable CSA for half price!

The evening includes a 3 course buffet style dinner followed by a presentation by Pete. Dinner buffet from 5:30—7:30. Pete’s talk starts at 7:30. Tickets are: adults $20.00, children (age 5—12) $12.00 and children under 5—free. Please call to reserve your spot! (802) 533-2647 or email info@highlandlodge.com

Gardeners Supply's Williston and Burlington stores are matching donations made at the stores toward the barn dollar for dollar, up to $2000.

Onion River Sports is donating the proceeds from their annual Frozen Onion Bike Race, a bike race that takes place on the Nordic ski trails at the Morse Farm. The event has been rescheduled and a new date will be posted online soon.

Go Green for Pete's Greens on St. Patrick's Day at Claire's! Claire's Restaurant in Hardwick will host a dinner and Open Mic Night on March 17th. 100% of sales will be donated to Pete's!

Donate to the Rebuild the Barn Fund.

Or copy this link:


Checks can be mailed to:

Pete's Greens

Rebuild the Barn Fund

266 S. Craftsbury Rd

Craftsbury, VT 05826

Tax Deductible Donations

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, you must give through a non profit. Both NOFA-VT and the Center for an Agricultural Economy have established Farm Emergency Funds and are accepting donations now. Pete's Greens can apply for these funds.

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