Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Thanks

We got done packing the pre-Christmas shares late, 8:45 at night. I popped in to help for the last 2 hours, some of the crew had been working on it since 6 this morning. So, in this season of thanks, thank you to the Pete's Greens crew. They deal with tough hours, miserable weather, and a sometimes annoying boss. Thanks to Tim, salesman, delivery driver, shipping organizer, the guy you can always count on when you really need a hand. To Steve, who drives and maintains equipment and fixes everything- without you the farm would grind to a halt. To the amigos and amigas who arrive every spring from Mexico and treat this farm as their own. We could not do it without you, Feliz Navidad!. To Deborah, tough, cheerful, and adaptable-she recently stepped into the difficult role of running the washhouse and is doing a great job. To Nancy who runs Good Eats with professionalism and grace-how does she come up with all those crazy recipes? To Meg, who has gone south for the winter but did so many important things here over the past year. To Donna, who keeps our books spit-shined and somehow seems to understand the activities of the farm even though she works from home. And to Michael who is not here many hours per week but performs some tricky mental jobs in the time he is here. And welcome to our newcomers Jodi, Theo, and Steve. We hope you like it here and will stay and do great things! -Pete


Dick Mansfield said...

Just picked up our share and feel blessed to have such wholesome local food available from such a great crew. Thanks

Pete's Greens said...

Thank you for supporting the farm and CSA!