Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Eats Newsletter Sept 12

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Good Eats Newsletter 9/12/07

This week’s share includes: tomatoes, mesclun, baby artichokes, Alisa Craig onions, eggplant, mixed peppers, potatoes, lacinato kale, tofu, yogurt, eggs

We are very excited to welcome Vermont Soy to Good Eats. Andrew and Todd “the soy boys” have been working in Hardwick for several years building and equipping an excellent facility. They have been marketing soymilk for several months and we are one of the first lucky recipients of their tofu. We don’t plan to offer their soymilk through Good Eats as it contains sugar, but if you enjoy it, tofu will be a regular addition. I had some for breakfast this morning with eggs and thought it was great.
Baby artichokes might be new to some of you. Here is a simple way to prep them. Peel off bracts until you reach a paler interior. Trim the stem, and trim the top of the choke if it seems prickly. They can be sliced in half, steamed, and eaten with butter, or add them to a sauté. A good Italian cookbook will have a recipe for smashing them and grilling.
We are midway through potato harvest. We had to mow our fingerling plants down yesterday as they are still growing. Mowing them causes the skins to set so they will store properly. Conventional potato growers follow weekly or more frequent spraying all summer with an herbicide that kills the potato vines. They feel that the skins set even better when the vines die via herbicide rather than mowing. From what I have learned about the spraying that occurs at least on eastern grown conventional potatoes, I think this is one of the most important foods to source organically

About Vermont Soy
Vermont Soy, located in Hardwick produces great tasting organic soy products, while supporting local agriculture and local economies. Vermont Soy believes that fresh, organic, and local products are the healthiest alternative for both the consumer and the planet. Organic soymilk and tofu are produced using the highest quality ingredients to deliver a fresh local taste. Freshness and using premium quality organic ingredients is what makes Vermont Soy soymilks and tofu taste so delicious. Organic, non-GMO beans are sourced from Vermont farmers, as well as from growers in Quebec and Michigan. This year Vermont Soy has partnered with five Vermont farmers to grow organic soybeans for the upcoming production year. To learn more about Vermont Soy’s sustainable initiatives visit:

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